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Our Story

 On a small farm in the community of St. John near Schulenburg, Texas, Clarence and Evelyn Besetsny raised six children—as well as cows, chickens, and pigs—and started a now famous business in the small kitchen of their home. Evelyn’s Czechoslovakian heritage and Clarence’s German roots provided the perfect nucleus of delicious pastries and a driving work ethic that prospered into what is now the Kountry Bakery. Using the Czech pastry and kolache recipes passed down from her mother, as well as cooking experience Evelyn began baking and selling her pastries to friends, relatives and neighbors. With the help of their six children, Clarence and Evelyn soon realized they could build a business that would support the family for years to come.

The baked goods were made by hand from scratch, with the whole family having a part in the process. The kids would milk the cows, and by hand that milk would be used to make; cream, butter, cheese, cream cheese and cottage cheese. Their chickens would happily provide farm fresh eggs, because without eggs you couldn’t have these delicious pastries. In exchange, Evelyn would give the chickens tasty morsels of day old pastries. With these fresh ingredients, the highest quality of pastries and kolaches were made. Clarence and the boys would make the pork sausage used for sausage rolls, better known as “pigs in the blanket”, by hand; the pork sausage was considered as good as a “pig” to be found anywhere. With their outstanding determination, hard-work and uncompromising quality, it led to the creation of the Original Kountry Bakery.

With careful planning, patience and consideration, in 1979 the Original Kountry Bakery was opened on Highway 77 in Schulenburg, Texas. In 1985, just six years after the Original Kountry Bakery opened, they decided to open a second bakery in Hallettsville, Texas. Both bakery’s have become Central Texas traditions, serving customers locally and from all parts of the state. Till this day, both are thriving, as well as social gathering places for the local communities. Many locals stop by for fresh and healthy breakfast for their selves as well as their families.

Twenty-five years later, Original Kountry Bakery has served over 100,000 customers a year and is known far and wide. While traveling down Interstate 10, between San Antonio and Houston, travelers tell us how they would be in a world of trouble, if they returned home without any Original Kountry Bakery goodies. Till this day, Original Kountry Bakery produces award winning pastries that are truly a Texas tradition. Our pies, pastries, kolaches and bread are a labor of love passed down for three generations. Generations to come will have the opportunity to experience the old-world charm of our bakeries and excellent flavor of our pastries.

While the next crop of Besetsny bakers are risin’ up like good ole bread in the oven and learning the ways like their parents; you can still find all Besetsny children involved in the day to day operation and success of Original Kountry Bakery/Kountry Bakery. Stop on by and get quality pastries and kolaches like Evelyn began in her kitchen.

Come see us and join the Original Kountry Bakery family.

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